• 1/30
curing conditions 200℃/10Min
recommended thickness 60-80 Microns
color sample or color card
gloss 1-95
MOQ 100kg

This series of products is based on epoxy resin and polyester resin. It has good light resistance and heat resistance compared with epoxy powder. It can be supplied in various colors, patterns, gloss or customized according to customer requirements. Products are widely used in home appliances, furniture, electrical appliances, indoor products and industrial parts.

Powder characteristics:

Chemical type: epoxy / polyester

Specific gravity: 1.3-1.7g/CM3

Particle size: suitable for high voltage static or friction gun spraying


Appropriate pretreatment methods based on different substrate and coating quality requirements

1 zinc phosphating (minimum 6μm)

2 iron phosphating (minimum 6μm)

3 The working surface should be treated with derusting, degreasing, phosphating, etc., and the workpiece without surface chemical treatment is poor in corrosion resistance and other related performance is poor.

Application condition

Spray gun: electrostatic or friction spray gun

Thickness: average 60-80μm

Corona gun voltage: 60-80kv

Curing conditions: 200 ° C × 10 min (MT) / 180 ° C * 20 min (MT)

Performance data

Test items

Test standard

smooth finish

texture finish


ISO 2409

0 level

0 level

Pencil hardness

ASTM D-3363




ISO 1520



Mandrel bend

ISO 1519




ASTM D-2794

正反冲          50KG.CM

正反冲          50KG.CM

Damp heat experiment




Salt spray test




Note: 1. The above experiment uses a 0.5 mm rust-removing and degreasing cold-rolled steel plate with a thickness of 60-80 μm.

2, the performance index of the above coating film may change with the change of color and gloss

Health and safety

This powder coating is a non-toxic product, but should avoid inhaling dust during use. It is recommended that operators wear appropriate dust masks and eyes. If possible, avoid long-term direct contact between skin and powder coatings.

Storage requirements

Store in a 28° C Celsius, ventilated, dry, clean room in hell. Keep away from fire, heating, and direct sunlight. Do not stack in the open air. Under these conditions, the powder can be stored stably for 12 months. If it exceeds the storage period, it can be re-inspected. If the test results meet the requirements, they can still be used.


This technical data is for users' reference. The specific indicators are obtained under certain conditions and represent the characteristics of typical products in this series. This technical data does not include powders with special effects. For such powders, please refer to the company's color card, or ask the company's business personnel.